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Dr Dave’s Tip of the Week

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Many new studies are now showing us how to stay sharp, preserve our mental capacity and even prevent and reverse early Alzheimer's. These breakthroughs provide us with tips for everyday life and include:

  • Get 7-9 hours sleep which helps the brain clean itself of the day's metabolic debris and reduces cognitive decline
  • Get screened for cognitive decline. If caught early cognitive decline can be halted and even reversed in some cases
  • Learn meditation and practice it every day. Meditation can actually create new neural pathways and reduce shrinkage of the brain

These are some of the many tips we discuss in our SAVE YOUR BRAIN system. It is still thought that nothing can be done for early Alzheimer's but this is not true. By combining a number of non-drug therapies most people can prevent and reverse cognitive decline however we advise contacting us for a thorough work up and a transformational and customized health plan

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